Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty Information

To activate Parker’s Lifetime Warranty, the warranty card must be completed in full and mailed by the purchaser within 15 days of purchase date; or you may register at:

Parker’s Lifetime Warranty

Parker Compound Bows and Parker Crossbows are warrantied for the lifetime of the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty excludes normal wear on strings, buss cables, servings, bow camo finish, rust, scopes, and accessories.

The determination regarding defects in materials and/or workmanship and whether the service or repairs are covered under warranty shall be in Parker’s sole discretion. Parker reserves the right to charge for repairs if the warranty has not been activated. Parker reserves the right to make substitutions and charge accordingly when completing repair work for any reason. Parker and Authorized Parker Dealers reserve the right to charge for labor, non-warranty parts, and freight expenses for any work performed.

Accessories included on the Outfitter Compound Bow packages are warrantied for 30 days and may be returned to Parker for replacement. Other accessories, such as rests, quivers, sights, etc. added by anyone other than the Parker factory are not warrantied by Parker.


  1. Mishandling, abuse, neglect, dry-fire, or partial dry-fire of the bow.
  2. NOT following ALL of the safety and operating instructions in the Owner’s Manual.
  3. Loaning or renting the bow to others without providing proper instructions to the user.
  4. Altering or modifying the bow from its original condition (interchanging parts and cosmetic refinishing).
  5. Using a brand of strings or buss cables other than Parker or Red Hot brand, which are specifically designed to Parker’s proprietary specifications.
  6. Shooting improperly spined or under-weight arrows (less than 400 grains with point for crossbows).
  7. Shooting arrows that have been damaged or compromised in any way.
  8. Using brands of crossbow arrows other than Parker and Red Hot with Capture Nocks.
  9. Using crossbow arrows without Capture Nocks (including but not limited to flat nocks, moon nocks, omni nocks).
  10. Loading crossbow arrows incorrectly (cock vane is not down).
  11. Shooting arrows with improperly indexed nocks (nock groove does not fully engage string).


  1. Altering or modifying a bow could cause damage to the bow or personal injury. Altered and/or modified parts determined to be unsafe will NOT be returned with the repaired bow.
  2. Using strings or cables that are the improper length, improper material, and/or the incorrect number of twists can significantly affect the performance and cause damage to the bow or personal injury.
  3. Failure to follow #4-11 above with crossbows can cause the string to “Over-Shoot” or “Under-Shoot” the arrow, which can result in damage to the crossbow, the arrow or even personal injury. When this happens, the arrow does not absorb the full energy from the shot; instead the energy is absorbed by the bows components (e.g.: limbs, cams, strings, etc.), causing damage to the bow or personal injury.

To expedite service and repairs and to ensure everything meets factory specifications, Parker compound bows and crossbow should be returned to Parker. BEFORE RETURNING ANY ITEM, call 540-337-5426 to speak with a customer service representative and obtain a Return Authorization Number. All items returned to Parker without a Return Authorization Number (RA#) clearly marked on the outside of the box will be refused by Parker. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping to Parker. Parker will pay return shipping costs on units received by Parker. All items must be shipped in a cardboard box. DO NOT SHIP BOWS OR CROSSBOWS IN A HARDCASE, IT WILL BE REFUSED.