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Good morning:

I started using a Parker Crossbow in 2006. I have a ruptered right bicep and bad shoulder which prevents me from using a compound bow. My experience with the weapon has been most gratifying. It's a bit noisy but fast enough that the noise has never been a problem,

I hunt on a private 145 acre parcel of land in Barron County in northwestern Wisconsin 13 miles N.E. of Rice Lake. It is a beautiful area with hardwoods, pines, swamps, ridges and natural deer runs.

On Friday, November 5th I was hunting with my son-in-law Brian and his 9 year old son Aaron. Aaron sat with his dad in a ground blind in the a.m. They saw a doe but before Brian could draw and shoot the deer spooked and ran. At lunch time Aaron asked if he could hunt with "Grampie" in the afternoon. I sit in an enclosed box blind. We found an old wooden bar stool in the shed. We hopped on the 4 wheeler, went out to the blind and put the stool in the corner behind me and to the right. Aaron had a birdseye view out of the blind. He was getting a little restless and said "this is boring." I explained this was hunting. He asked if I had any snacks and I gave him my bag of snacks to occupy him. I said I was going to have a cup of coffee to keep me awake. I poured a cup and was putting the thermos down when Aaron whispered "Grampie there's a deer!!" Yup. A nice 6 pointer right in front of our stand not more then 15 yard away. I slowly raised the bow when he put his head down. I was not sure if he was going to turn sideways so when he put his head down again I put the bolt right between his shoulders. I fully expected him to drop but he reared up and ran back in the direction he had come in. We climbed down and I reallized I had left the cocking string in the 4 wheeler. I told Aaron to stand right there and watch in the direction the deer ran. I cocked the bow and inserted another bolt and we started to track the deer. Aaron kept telling me that the deer went to the right as we were tracking it. I said just wait and told him to look for blood. He once again said the deer went to the right and was looking off in that direction. There on the ground about 10 yards ahead lay the deer. There was no blood as there was no exit wound. Amazing he had run about 100 yards. The enclosed pix were taken moments later and back in the hanging shed and the next day checking in the deer. He saw me shoot it, helped me track it, gut it out, and rode with me the next day to the butcher. I had them cut off the horns and gave them to him. I could not have scripted a better first day hunt with my grandson Aaron. Of course it is referred to as our deer!!

Have a great Thanksgiving


Mark Pagenkopf

Hartland, WI.
Parker Terminator Crossbow

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