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Deric Parker

Hi my name is Deric Parker and just thought you would like to hear the story of my 6 year old son, Brooks Parker and his first deer, shot with a Parker Crossbow. With 2010 being the first year crossbows are a legal weapon to hunt deer in Delaware I decided to purchase a Parker (love the name) Enforcer from BassPro Shops in Harrisburg, PA. I brought it home and sighted it in and was amazed at how accurate and consistent it was. Brooks was always with me when I practiced shooting my Parker Enforcer at my 3D target. After 4 practice sessions he started begging me to let him shoot. So I carefully knelt down beside him and helped him steady it on the rest and let him take a shot. To my surprise he hit the center of the 3D target in the center of the kill zone. He then repeated the same accurate shot over and over again. As hunting season got underway I have always taken Brooks with me, we hunt out of a 2 man ladder stand and he has gotten really good at being quiet and still. I felt that Brooks had practiced enough and showed enough accuracy to responsibly shoot a deer. We were seeing plenty of deer but he never got a good shot opportunity until the morning of November 5th 2010. We had 3 does come by us. Brooks was ready! He patiently waited for the largest one to give him a clear shot. When she did Brooks made a perfect shot. The doe only ran about 60 yards and we watched her fall. At that moment there wasn't another 6 year old boy in the world happier (nor father as proud). The memory of that morning hunt will be treasured forever. Thanks for making such a great crossbow. We will be lifelong customers. Attached are 2 pictures of my son with the deer he shot that morning with the Parker Enforcer.
Brooks Parker 6 years old. Thanks Deric Parker

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