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Kevin Peregoy

To Everyone at Parker,

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to Quality & to your Customers, but more than that. I truly applaud you for the dedication required, to stay ahead of the curve & to push your designers to the limits you are no longer chasing the competition, Now the competition is now chasing you!

I am truly proud of my Parker Crossbow, people always ask about this crossbow always it just looks different!, and I love to show it off, and start spitting out the numbers and facts, pointing out the quality, the innovation & of course displaying the accuracy.

A lot of times when companies strive to come up with new ideas and designs to gain or keep the “Edge” they slowly start sacrificing quality & customer service and not always on purpose, but because it is hard work and it requires good people from start to finish. You indeed have those people and it is something to be proud of!

Taking pride in your work is sadly dying out in America, there are a lot of good machinist in my family including my Father-in-law who spent 35 years at Ingersoll Rand corp. Back 1982 they had the most advanced CNC Machining Equipment in the world, the finial moved their operation to Texas & he now works at ITT Night Vision. My Cousin Zack worked as a programmer and machinist for Shrewd Precision making competition bow sight scopes, stabilizers, laser, ect. for Melvin Shrewsbury a member of Mathews pro team. When he sold the business and the equipment he had to sell Zack with it out the People wouldn’t buy.

As all of these truly talented machinist retire or are forced out of there jobs, they are being replaced by “machine operators” & “Button Pushers” don’t get me wrong CNC machines are fantastic and they allows to do things we never dream possible, and to do it profitability as well.

No, I fault the Companies, the Companies who drop all of their truly skilled people who helped build their companies in the beginning and replace them with one collage kid to write programs and a bunch of people who only know how to stick a part in, push the button and pull the part out, with absolutely no understanding of how anything truly works. They have no knowledge of Indicators or Dial Calipers & that Mitutoyo is a cheap foreign car & that Starrett is the part where your go feet on a horse saddle.

I Would like to take a moment to give special thanks to the people who help get my Cyclone Crossbow back in action so quickly, in particular Customer Service Rep. Jim H. & the fellow who rebuilt my bow (whose name slips me at the moment). I called 2 weeks before opening day of bow season to inquire about the new “Capture nocks” on the Red hot High speed bolts I had just purchased, and to insure their safety in my bow, which Jim cleared up for me.

Also I expressed my interest in your the new “Dual string stop / silencer”, however I could not locate it for sale anywhere online. Again Jim came thru for me and was able to sell it to me directly from there.

The stabilizer arrived on the following Tuesday afternoon and looked to be of great quality and craftsmanship, so after carefully installing it per the directions on my bow I took my two practice bolts out (standard half moon 20” parker bolts from last year) cock the crossbow, inserted a bolt and ka-pow I felt a little something hit my face which made me shut my eyes momentarily and I did not hear the arrow hit the target (that was because the bolt was only about 15 feet in front of me on the ground).

When I looked down at the bow I was in shock the string was broke and frayed one of the cams was completely out the other had split the limb, I was in total disbelief mode. I still am not sure what happed, This is an $800 dollar crossbow and I treat it as such, It is also 175lbs and potentially dangerous, so I treat it as such, Now I have been bow hunting for almost 20 years now however, Due to an accident I now have a broken vertebra in my back & last year the disc supporting it gave up allowing it to move about 18mm this has changed my life and things I am able to do, one of which was forcing me to switch to a crossbow from a compound .

The decision for which brand to select was easy, my father-in-law (is old and decrepit) so he had switched to a Parker Crossbow about 4 years ago and with good results. For me you only had a little completion really, and that came from the new PSE AR15 Crossbow Upper, as I am an avid shooter of AR’S owning a platitude of black guns in 5.56, 450 Bushmaster, 6.8SPC and 22LR, that being said, I still had to choose the Parker.

I am also the Project Manager a VA based Material Handling Company we set up everything Wal-Mart Stores And Home Depot’s – and other Big Box retailers to 2 million SF warehouses, we build and install everything from simple Pallet Racking, Cantilever, and In-plant offices, to 3 story Mezzanines and Industrial Cranes. I know how hard it is to keep the competitive edge, and since I work all over the country, I try to do as much business locally here in Virginia as I can.

My wife and I also own a small business here and it is import that we all support each other, and I believe it is for that reason we in VA now enjoy one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country even in the worst economy.

Some of my buddy’s ask me why I didn’t I get the PSE or the Ten Point, and I kept saying look at the quality and features & these are made an hour up the road, (so who cares where their made) I DO!

Thanks to all of you it is no very is to make my point of, Why Parker?

I had to leave to go out of town that Saturday after my Cyclone bit the dust and wouldn’t return until following Friday the evening, the night before Opening Day of Bow season, and then that Sunday after that it was back out of town until the 21st & then on the 23rd I would be sitting in a stand at Radford Arsenal with a buck tag in my hand, (10) years we have been applying, and we were finally drawn in 07 for the doe hunt…….and 3 more long years for the buck! So it was imperative my bow be fixed by right then, or plain & simple I was going to be SCRE%ED. So when I called Jim, & told him what happened and my situation and that I was willing to leave work early drive an hour and fifteen minutes if he could get me fix up that day, he said “ Sure come on up” and by 4:00pm that day my crossbow was as good as new.

That’s Why I Bought A PARKER!

So it is with great admiration that I Say Thank You! To Each And Every one of you! Without your help my season would have been ruined!

A special thanks to Jim H. & the Great Bow tech!

Thank You,

Kevin Peregoy

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