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Can I use another brand of strings and cables for my Parker?

We strongly recommend you use Parker strings and cables for your Parker crossbow and compound bow. Each string and cable is designed specifically for our bows and crossbows. Using third party strings will void your lifetime warranty.

How often should strings and cables be replaced?

This depends on how much shooting you do. If you shoot 3-4 times a week and also a winter league, then you should change your string and cable once a year. We recommend doing this about 2 months before the hunting season. If you mainly shoot 5-10 times before season to get sighted in and during season 10-20 times, you should replace every two years. However, keep an eye on the serving to make sure it is not separating. Serving separation can lead to string breakage which can lead to injury and breakage of the crossbow or bow.

My arrows are flying erratically, what can I do?

We recommend doing the following steps if your arrows are flying erratically out of your crossbow

  1. Check to make sure the scope is tightened to the scope mount and the scope rings are snug. While our scopes come laser bore-sighted, they can become knocked lose during shipping.
  2. Ensure the top screws that attach the front-end to the stock and the front bolt are tight.
  3. Use an EZ Roller Rope Cocker to cock your crossbow. Un-even limb load that can come from cocking by hand will cause the arrows to fly erratically.
  4. Use fixed bladed broadheads. Mechanical broadheads can open up during flight, causing them to fly erratically.
  5. Make sure the trigger screws are tightened. Most can be accessed on the bottom side of the crossbow stock near the trigger lever.

If you are still experiencing erratic arrow flight, please call our Customer Service Department: 540-337-5426.

Where can I purchase strings and cables for my Parker?

We strongly recommend that you contact your Parker dealer to have them order them for you. They can then properly install the string and cables for you. You can also order strings and cables direct by contacting us at 540-337-5426

Why do you make me use the Capture Nock with my Parker crossbow?

The capture nocks work to minimize partial dry-fires that can come from using flat, moon and omni nocks. Since they were launched, we have seen a dramatic decrease limb breakage from partially dry-fired crossbows. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the capture nock.